10 technological gifts for the invisible friend and Christmas for less than 50 euros

Christmas is just around the corner. These last dates of the year are marked by the turrones and mazepanes that we eat and the last of the family meals and dinners, but also by the gifts that we make. And with the advent of these special days, more and more groups will have decided to make the Amigo invisible, an option that is becoming more and more common. to make sure that no one goes without a gift without needing to make a big disembolso of money.

Technology can be such a gift that your invisible friend is expecting to make it. If the spending limit you have put in place this year is something that is under 50 eurosin this article from 20BITS let’s teach this ideal product that you want to do to your friend, acquaintance or work colleague or class to surprise you.

An intelligent watch

A day of the day there are few people who still do not count the steps that they take or that do not monitor the time that they wear, thanks to an intelligent watch. Sin embargo, si la persona a la que vas a regalar no tiene uno, he can be waiting for someone to pass him by To install estas navidades.

In Amazon we can find different options at a good price, like Amazfit Band 5, from 44,99 euros, This device has the Alexa voice assistant integrated, so it can be operated only with the voice, although it can also be used with the hands.

The smart watch Amazfit Band 5 is compatible with Alexa.
The smart watch Amazfit Band 5 is compatible with Alexa.

The clock measures the saturation of oxygen in the blood, monitors the heart rate, sleep and physical activity and has a 15 day batteryfor those who usually put excuses that they don’t buy because they will have to pay every hour.

Chromecast con Google TV

The Smart TVs are now in almost all the homes, but who still have an old television, but of good quality. Your friend may not have decided to take the plunge and buy a smart TV because they don’t consider it necessary, but if they have Netflix, HBO Max, or another streaming service, they’re sure to enjoy it. a stick that transforms your TV into a Smart TV.

A very affordable option Chromecast con Google TV (HD), that alone costs 29,99 euros. If your price limit is 50 euros, you still have 20 to spend on something else and your friend is sure to be more satisfied.

Chromecast Google TV (HD) is the most affordable Google stick to date

external battery

For 24,99 euros, you can regal A portable battery with fast charge of 10.000mAh, for 46 hours extra on the smartphone of your invisible friend or 12 hours on the tablet. The brand Trust Mobile has a large selection of this type of devices and, of which we are talking, stands out for its ultrathin and lightweight design.

This battery lasts 10.000mAh for less than 25 euros.
This battery lasts 10.000mAh for less than 25 euros.
Trust Mobile

portable speaker

The portable speaker is available on PC components Xiaomi Mi Portable de 16W por 34,98 euros. With this gift, your invisible friend will be able to listen to your favorite music with a sound quality quite surprising for its price.

The device has connectivity a bluetooth 5.0 And its battery is of 2.600mAh, which makes it last for quite a few hours.

The speaker has a very good sound quality for its price.
The speaker has a very good sound quality for its price.

You can create up to two sweet options.

Wireless Auriculares

The OPPO brand has rebadged its wireless headphones Enco Air with noise cancellation and are currently available on Amazon for 44,90 euros. Have connectivity Bluetooth 5.2 with low latency and a autonomy of 20 hours, to enjoy the music without having to wait.

Options still cheaper

For those who can’t afford $20 or have spent a large part of their budget and want to add a technological touch to complete the gift, here’s a list of products that cost less than $15:

  • Sony MDR-ZX110: Some headphones with a frequency range of 12Hz to 22kHz for 11,98 euros. Son acolchados and weighs only 120 grams.
  • TOPK 360ยบ: There is a support for the mobile in the car universal, which can be placed in the ventilation grille. Cuesta 9,99 euros.
  • TP-Link TAPO P100: It is an intelligent power saving plug that is compatible with Alexa and Google voice assistants. Cuesta 9,99 euros.
  • Garrulax Memoria USB: a pen drive of 32GB for 11,99 euros and with the design of a cat.
  • LED strip lights: For 12,99 euros you can get 10 meters of invisible LED lights for your friend’s room that have a remote control and even set them to blink to the beat of the music.
  • TP-Link TAPO L510E: It is an intelligent LED bulb that is compatible with Alexa, Echo and Google Home and that costs 9,99 euros.

The third-party app is available on Android and iOS.

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