10 Times Robert Pattinson Hated The Twilight Saga

Hating ‘Twilight’ and its heroes is out of fashion, and although Robert Pattinson has already overcome that dark side of his career, we can’t forget all the times he was uncomfortable with the vampire saga .

14 years have passed since the premiere of twilightA film adaptation, starring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, quickly made vampires fashionable and was dismissed as a pointless film. More than a decade later, the film is still as alive and present as it was in 2008.And although it remains the subject of memes on social networks, the heroes have already gotten rid of that mistake in their careers and are now recognized for their brilliant performances.

After a much mediated relationship between the lead actors, Pattinson and Stewart went their separate ways and each began building a filmography under acclaimed directors. Like Oliver Assayas, Pablo Larrain, Josh Safdie and Benny Safdie and Matt Reeves. Although it seemed like they would forever be in the shadow of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, these young actors are finally getting the recognition they deserve.

With the re-airing of the saga at Cinepolis, the way you can buy your tickets at this link, we took on the task of remembering hero of all time Batman He complained about his involvement in the vampire saga And was ashamed of anything related to him. After reviewing these moments, take advantage and head to the cinema to watch “The Glowing Skin of the Killer” on the big screen.

Escaped from the premiere of ‘Twilight’

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in dvd comments twilightPattinson announced during the premiere of the film directed by Catherine Hardwicke, He fled mid-show as the film was “too much for him”.

the plot makes no sense

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According to Edward Cullen, the plot of twilight is illogical: “There are a lot of things in the movie that don’t make sense. Why are they still in high school? They’re over 100 years old!”

He thinks it’s weird that Saga has fans


in interview for Diversityrobert pattinson said twilight It was a very strange story and even more strange that it had so many fans., “I think books are romantic, but not as much diary of a passion,

I would have hated it if I hadn’t acted in it

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when asked if he would be a fan of twilight even though he didn’t act in it, the leader of happy times Told: “I guess I’ll be that cynical person who hates it without even seeing it”,

edward never did anything bad

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behind the scenes new moon Including comments from Pattinson Complained that Edward didn’t really do anything to really recognize her as a vampire: “I’m rarely assigned any vampires. I’m not allowed to kill anyone.”

age difference between bella and edward

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hero of devil all the time announced for magazine Ok that he did not agree with the relationship between Bella and Edward, mostly because of the large difference in age. “What am I doing with this girl? I’m 108 years old.”

He got his dignity back when the movies were over

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Robert Pattinson can’t avoid questions about the vampire saga whenever he promotes a new film. When asked if he had taken anything as a souvenir from the sets of breaking Dawn Part 2He replied: “My dignity”, The truth comes out amidst jokes and jokes…

The books should never have been published.

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Stephenie Meyer shot to fame with her vampire book saga, but according to Pattinson, the books should never have seen the light of day: “It was like reading her sexual fantasy, especially since she said it was based on one of her dreams.”

i was glad the saga ended

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No one was happier with the last film in the Twilight saga than Robert Pattinson. during the tour with the tonight show Jimmy Fallondriver commented No one wanted the saga to end, so the last movie is going to be a little sourTo which Pattinson replied: “To those!”,

He compared Edward to a slasher killer

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hero of cosmopolis shared Thinks Edward Cullen is very weird and people only like him because he is a fictional character, “If you met him in real life, he would be one of those guys who would probably get killed with an axe.”

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