10 years after Megaupload shut down, how has our consumption of series and movies changed now that streaming reigns?

it completes 10th anniversary of Kim Dotcom’s arrestfounder of shutdown Megaupload Download Portal, dotcom was Arrested 20 Jan 2012 and were with three former partners in an operation promoted by the US FBI accused of 13 crimesIncluding hacking, organized crime and money laundering.

But why do we remember the end of Megaupload and the arrest of its founder? Because it is marked before and after for direct download on the Internet.

The Portal That Changed Online Downloads Forever

Nowadays, we’re used to being Subscribed to various internet platforms in which we have Unlimited access to movies and series of all kindsBut, before the arrival of the services of streamingUnauthorized content distribution was in most user downloads,

platform like eMule, BitTorrent, RapidShare and shortly after, In 2005, Megaupload and its direct downloads arrived., It was then that other web pages appeared that tried to compete with this one and Communities of users sharing downloaded content were born,

User consumption a la carte

a la carte consumption slowly came into our lives, but according to Lucia Gonzalez, Managing Director of labelium play The pandemic has “accelerated the process.” Passive consumption of traditional television is losing users which, in turn, has caused The demand for platforms with diverse and on-demand content in one place is growing rapidly. All this so that the user has the option to choose what he wants to watch at a given moment and immediately.

All platforms are legal.

a fact that smart TV Be the queen among devices that allow you to store multiple applications at the same time.

However, although we talk about downloads and platforms, we must not forget that the consumption of movies has its origins in the house video club Which has evolved in such a way that, at present, movies at the box office can be watched on such platforms at a nominal cost in the location and time chosen by the user.

Key to these platforms

in Spain, 57% of homes have a smart TV And this 49% of users regularly connect to the Internet to use the platform of films and series.

youtube This is the platform which has more users in our country today. The average amount spent by Spaniards on it is 36 minutes a day, And it is that, according to Lucia Gonzalez, there has been a brutal boom in video that has affected other types of applications such as, for example, Twitch,

but,what are the keys For users to choose these platforms over traditional television or even cinema?

Netflix has dedicated applications for both mobile and other devices (such as tablets).

  • variety of material To choose.
  • spontaneity and urgency, There is no waiting for a download to access the content.
  • the content is as follows market trend current to reach the user.
  • they are very more secureSince you do not run the risk of any virus entering with the download.
  • reasonable price,

Piracy reduction and market top

During the period 2015 to 2018 piracy fell 12%. This is because legit platforms offer a package of ‘everything’ at the most and most securely priced.

Platforms that respond the most to these features and have the most users in Spain:

Netflix uses a recommendation system based on your user behavior.

However, there are many who are already putting themselves in the queue of the previous ones as some will fail or lose followers, but according to the trend, New platforms will emerge where you can enjoy movies and series,

Megaupload’s business model

You can upload files up to 250 MB for free, And while you had to wait 30-60 seconds at a limited speed to download one of those files, there was also a daily download limit. Optionally, You can pay for an account premium Which allows you to upload files up to 2 GB and don’t have to wait for them to download.

Megaupload was introduced as a service for sharing large files that could not be sent by normal email., such as personal videos. i.e. facing out, It was sold as a service similar to the current WeTransfer.But in reality, Many users used the portal to share movies and serieswith some withdrawal by copyright,

Users can enjoy streaming channels, series and movies legally and for free.

Solid, Before Netflix Was Popular, It Was the Golden Age of Megaupload, It also brought together several websites (Megavideo, Megapix, Megabox or MegaLive) dedicated to storage.

In early 2012 Megaupload closed its doors and several of its employees were arrested in an operation that had been running for two years.

How Megaupload Affected the Film Industry

las US officials believe Megaupload partners made $175 million in profitthat is, 160 million euros, for, let’s say, hosting illegal content,

a lot members of the film industry He claimed it was a The service where most of the pirate movies were hostedHence the eagerness for its closure, as it negatively affected, above all, medium and small production films.

Even then, according to researchers Business Management and Copenhagen Business School in Munich, The closure of the platform had a negative impact on the film industry,

At the moment, the channels are international and are in English.

the study Analyzed weekly data from 1,344 films in 49 countries over a five-year period To assess the impact of the shutdown of Megaupload on cinema visits. Researchers theorize that some films may actually benefit from piracy due to the so-called ‘word of mouth’.

A comparison of the box office receipts before and after its closure shows that there has been a decline in the total receipts., Therefore, these researchers considered the idea thatPiracy can serve as propaganda, Users watch pirated movies through these platforms and tell about it to their friends, who decide to pay for the movie tickets.

On the other hand, the same study claimed that This effect does not happen in Hollywood blockbuster movies. After the closure of Megaupload, the box office earnings of these films increased.

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