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Salud Ramírez in the Michoacan town of Santa Fe de la Laguna in March 2021.Courtesy / Teresa de Miguel

The woman who inspired the famous character of “Mama Coco” died Sunday at the age of 109 in her hometown of Michoacán. “This Sunday, Doa María Salud Ramírez Caballero, better known as: Mama Coco, a character who went around the world, passed away,” Michoacan Tourism Secretary Roberto Monroe confirmed. The officer thus announced the death of the tender Mexican grandmother upon which Disney was based to give life to the Day of the Dead related film, which featured one of the deepest traditions in Mexico.

Donna Maria had lost her name, which became mama coco Since the animated film ‘Coco’ was released in 2017, the old woman was the grandmother of “Miguel”, a boy who manages to cross the world of the dead to visit his great-grandfathers. The tourism secretary mourned the death of a “tireless” woman and “life example” who served as “inspiration for this beloved character”, he wrote on social networks.

Born in the same town in September 1913, who died this Sunday, the old woman died without recognizing her contribution to the Pixar film. The creator confirmed that during his days he visited various states of Mexico in the process of documenting the traditions of the Day of the Dead. They also lived with several local families and one of them was the family of María Salud Ramírez, so fans and neighbors discovered her great resemblance to the character “Mama Coco” from Michoacán.

Sailud Ramírez waits for tourists to arrive at his home to be photographed with him.
Sailud Ramírez waits for tourists to arrive at his home to be photographed with him.Theresa of Michael

The real ‘Mama Coco’ devoted her entire life to pottery and raised three children with her husband, who gave her dozens of grandchildren and a lost account of great-grandchildren and great-grandchildren. When EL PAS visited his home in Michoacán in March 2021, his granddaughter confirmed that for five years she had not stopped torturing the film’s producers for admitting that she was inspired by her grandmother for her character . “The townspeople told us that they had photographed her in the square, and that the church and some of the streets appear in the film,” her granddaughter Petty explained at the time.

During the meeting, the famous old lady could no longer remember her youth. dance? do you sing? “Pure work”, he told about his life during the interview. In it, his family recalled that in his good times he had devoted himself to molding beautiful pottery, which he cooked and sold at nearby fairs. Beans, nopales and some fish that the lake had given them were smothered in those containers. Everything happened as it always did in Santa Fe de la Laguna until one day in 2017 his life was turned upside down with the premiere of the film and he lost his name as well. Since then, Donna Maria has spent her days sitting in a wheelchair next to a giant movie poster where tourists from all over the world lined up to take a picture with her in exchange for a few pesos.

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