14 Years Without Avelio With The “V” Girl: These Are The Comedian’s Most Memorable Characters

it is November 4 is 14 years old about the death of the actor Avelio Arias Ramosbetter known as Avelio with the “V” girl. The artist stood out in the entertainment industry for his comedic characters with which he won over the public who saw him in his various projects on television. On this day we will remember the humorous His most memorable on-screen rolesWell, they had a couple that are still favorites of the audience, who enjoyed their work.

Actor born. Happened in Pemex City, Tabasco, on September 10, 1966, And his parents were Avelio Arias and Eddie Ramos. Before becoming an actor and comedian, he worked as a car attendant in a party hall and despite having a profession away from the stage, the celebrity got the opportunity to showcase his talent when replaced the comedian that he would bring to life an event at the place where he was working; After this opportunity, he reinvented himself on stage until he made the leap to television.

Avelio Arias was a great friend of Galilea Montijo Photo: Exclusive

The actor proved to be versatile, as he was not only on television, he also did movies and theatre, he offered shows in nightclubs and had the opportunity to become a radio announcer. However, it was his characters that made 14 years after his departure still follow being remembered by millions of his fans And of course, to my friends in the art world, such as Galilea MontijoFor whom he had left an emotional letter before he died.


In 2007 she was approached by producers André Barren and Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo to be part of the series. “Maria of All Angels”starring Mary Escalante. avelio created the character ofdolphin“whose friend was”Albertano“(explained by Ariel Miramontes) and crush”obey“(Montserrat Maranone); she quickly became one of the series’ favorite characters because of her inquisitive personality.

,dolphin“He was an educated man, with principles, who liked to follow rules and was concerned about being discovered in a trick, for this reason he was the first to warn about the consequences of certain activities in which the main characters were involved. Because of this personality, He had difficulty breathing when stressed And he would panic, something that happened very often because he was constantly dragged into the “fools” of Maria & Co.

The character was discontinued due to the death of Avelio Arias Ramos on November 4, 2008. An ailment, Meanwhile, production decided that the role of “Makako” would be overweight in the second season of the successful series, however, dolphin He continues to be remembered by fans, who enjoyed his alert personality but also very funny.

Avelio with the “V” girl

Obviously the character that brought him fame was “wiper washer“Well, with a red hat, a white shirt, blue jeans and a rag over his shoulder, he made Avelio with the “V” girl. with this personality and phrase “Mexico I’m Yours”, The actor and comedian won the affection of people who enjoyed his show and jokes which were considered by the whole family, as most of them were innocent.

The first broadcast he featured in was “A New Day”, where they worked together Rebecca d’Alba and Cesar Costa, came back ,void in conduct, by Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo, But it wasn’t until his fame exploded at “Vida TV,” hosted by Galilea Montijo and Hector Sandarti, that the program was so popular. He was also in the “Comic es … los Comedians” several times and created his own stand-up show called “El show de avelio con” v “Chica”.

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