2 US tourists injured in crocodile attack in Mexico

Alligator injured two American tourists from Mexico Vallarta Port When one used to go swimming in the sea at night and the other used to go into the water to help him.

The Office of Civil Defense in the western state of Jalisco said Wednesday that the first American suffered bites in his leg, arm, abdomen and chest. The other, who went to the water for help, got a wound in his hand.

The office said both men were given first aid at the scene. It said both men were from Colorado, but did not specify a hometown for both.

Crocodile Not a rarity in the coastal wetlands and shores of Puerto Vallarta’s Pacific Coast Resort. Australia has also seen many crocodile attack In recent years,

The crocodile attack this summer comes after several reports of fatal attacks by alligators, which look similar to crocodiles but are a different animal. Last week, there was an elderly woman killed by two crocodiles In a pond near his Florida home.

Before that attack, an unidentified victim had died But Dragged them to a pond in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Weeks ago, Florida police found a dead 47-year-old man in lake infested with gator Three limbs missing after a possible encounter with a gharial.

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