3 Key Tips To Avoid Falling Into SMS Scam According To The National Police

One of the most common ways for cybercriminals to obtain personal and bank details of users is to use SMS. this technique is called ‘text message’ And this includes divulging the identity of a bank or parcel or supply company to defraud victims and persuade them to provide their information.

As we have warned many times over at 20BITS, SMS scams are many and varied. However, the most common are related to alleged customs duty payment of packages coming from abroad or shipping cost For an online order that is believed to have already been paid for.

According to Diego Alejandro, Chief Inspector of Frauds in Electronic Commerce of the Central Cyber ​​Crime Unit (UCC), fraudsters add links to SMS. Clicking on them redirects users For fraudulent websites “controlled by cybercriminals” and where financial and personal data is requested.

Sometimes cybercriminals reach hide your number Using spoofing techniques (identity theft). In this way, they impersonate banks or companies more credibly and more users fall into the trap and give up their data.

There are many users who use public networks in coffee shops to telecommute, but this can be unsafe.

To detect this type of scam, the National Police always recommends that Internet users:

  • check that message companies through their official channels.
  • don’t give away your data banking or personal.
  • check link And make sure they are not fake.

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