3 people rescued, 20 missing, officials say when migrant boat capsizes in Florida during Hurricane Ian

A boat carrying migrants sank and left 23 people missing a few hours ago Hurricane Ian Made landfall in Florida, the US Border Patrol said on Wednesday. Three people were later rescued and four people on the boat were able to swim, officials said.

Miami Chief Patrol Agent Walter Schlosser said on Twitter: “US Border Patrol agents … responded to a migrant’s landing on Stock Island, Florida.” “Four Cuban migrants swam to shore after their ship sank due to bad weather.”

Coast Guard rescued three people in the water about two miles south of Boca Chica Told He was taken to the hospital at 3:30 pm for exhaustion and dehydration.

Coast Guard airmen are searching for 20 people who are still missing.

Slossar said on Tuesday seven Cuban migrants were taken into custody after being turned ashore in Pompano Beach, Florida.

He announced those detentions on Twitter on Tuesday, saying, “Don’t put your life at risk by attempting this voyage at sea. Hurricane waves with King Tide can cause dangerous sea conditions even after the storm has passed “

Ian made landfall near Cayo Costa, Florida, on Wednesday as a major Category 4 hurricane — the second-strongest possible category. Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind ScaleAccording to the National Hurricane Center.

The storm strengthened in the Gulf of Mexico Wednesday as it moved toward Florida with maximum sustained winds of 150 mph.

“Ian will soon cause devastating storms, winds and flooding across the Florida Peninsula,” the National Hurricane Center said. The center said that as of afternoon, hurricane status was spreading to parts of southwestern Florida.

cruise lines are trip cancellation and changing the course of ships due to storms.

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