3 photos that show Geraldine Bazan’s daughter is very similar to her mother

if something is clarified geraldine bazan It is that she enjoys being a mother and most of all she is proud of her two children: alyssa marie and alexa mirandadaughters of his ex-partner too Gabriel Soto.

there is a similarity between 39 year old actress and only their eldest daughter 13 years She has also surprised her fans, as they not only share the same eye color, but their features and expressions are practically identical, as can be seen in the images that the artist regularly posts on her official Instagram. Share on account.

The physical resemblance between them is so marked that her followers didn’t let it go and commented on it: “Similar mother and daughter”, “Wow Alyssa BB this beautiful inherited beauty from her mother, a beautiful Lady Geraldine who Those precious beings who gave life thank Geraldine for leaving their genetics in this world and more children who are beautiful Geraldines”, “the two are very beautiful and increasingly physically similar.”

Geraldine showed off her two offspring to the network. Photo: IG/GeraldineBazan

Alyssa was born on February 17, 2009 and made her soap opera debut single with daughters (2019), in which his father was the protagonist. later they attended 100 days to lovea Netflix series in which he brought life to the character of Valentina and in which he now shares the credit with his mother.

The resemblance with his mother is undeniable. Photo: IG/GeraldineBazan

The teenager, who is nearing 14, also has an Instagram account 300 thousand followers, in which he shares photos of his time in various places such as Spain, Peru, Acapulco, and in which he appears with his father, which has been in the news recently, as various national media have reported an alleged reconciliation with Geraldine. Has spread the rumor of Baazan.

This 13-year-old girl is following in the footsteps of her parents. Photo: IG/GeraldineBazan

Elisa, who starred in the Televisa telenovela if they let us under the role of Sophiaalso has an account on Tiktok, in which it has already crossed 200 thousand followers,

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