3 vitamins that Thalia takes to rejuvenate skin and build natural collagen

Thalia He has the skin of envy. The 51 year old actress looks like she is in her 30s as she doesn’t have obvious wrinkles, scars or spots that alter her entire face, but how does the singer look so good? Her best-kept beauty secrets: A few The vitamins you take naturally rejuvenate and produce collagen.

What vitamins does Thalia take?

on many occasions, Thalia He has talked about how important it is for him to take his vitamins and antibiotics, that since he suffers from Lyme disease, he has to take special care to strengthen his immune system. Luckily, the 3 vitamins she uses also help her Naturally produce and rejuvenate collagen.

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Thalia and her beauty secret to build collagen. Photo: AFP

B vitamins

Among them, vitamin B stands out, which helps in the regeneration of skin tissue, strengthens the epithelial barrier, provides hydration to the face and improves the appearance of scars or wrinkles, as it is a powerful cellular restorer. Is.

vitamin C

Vitamin C is also an essential part of life ThaliaAs it is a powerful natural antioxidant that protects cells from the effects of sun rays and free radicals. is also stimulating Collagen production in the skin.

Thalia Totke for Rejuvenation
Thalia Totke for rejuvenation. Photo: Instagram

vitamin e

Finally, we have Vitamin E for Thalia This is essential, as it helps in taking care of your skin against premature aging and damage caused by UV rays and free radicals. Similarly, it is in charge of creating a barrier to prevent The lack of collagen in the skin and leaves a porcelain appearance on the skin.

so now you know how it does Thalia to rejuvenate and get porcelain skin. However, before taking or applying any of these vitaminsConsult an expert to help you find the best option for your skin type.

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