30 years have passed since the first SMS in history: this is what its text says

The first text message (SMS) in history was sent 30 years ago, This Saturday, December 3, marks three decades since the operator Vodafone congratulated an employee on the Christmas holidays through this system instant messaging for the first time.

The message in English simply read ‘Merry Christmas’ – ‘Merry Christmas’ in our language – and was received by Vodafone businessman and employee Richard Jarvis. For something that seems so simple today, a before and after and a revolutionary new use in the way of communication mobile devices, The company itself calls this milestone “15 characters that changed the world”.

It should be noted that, although it was first in 1992 SMSIt won’t happen until seven years later, In 1999, when it became possible to send text messages over multiple networkswhich accelerated its use and popularity.

Billions of people around the world send greetings today ChristmasWho? Congratulations in the form of text, video, audio messages and emojis,

Sent without first ‘Merry Christmas’ Mobile phone“Our world would be less connected today,” he tells Vodafone.

The SMS was sent during a company Christmas party in 1992.

sold for over 100,000 euros

In December last year, telecom operator This first SMS in history sold as NFT for 107,000 Euros,

The Aguttes auction house in Paris was authorized to auction this greeting, thus making buyer whose identity has not been disclosedthe exclusive owner of a digital replica of a communication protocol created by vodafone To demonstrate sending and receiving the first SMS.

Other than this nftThe auction lot also includes a animated version of the replica Full version of the original communication protocol code.

total deposit amount Went to UNHCRUnited Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

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