34% SMEs still do not accept digital payments

66% of small businesses in Spain already accept digital paymentsAs reported by Untapped VisaAhead of 20bits, Obviously, this data means that there are still 34% of small and medium-sized Spanish companies (SMEs) surveyed that do not accept payments by bank cards (credit or debit), mobile phones or QR codes. And this significant percentage persists despite the fact that the Spanish consumer is increasingly digital and, moreover, The pre-Christmas shopping season is just around the corner.

“Digital transformation has marked a turning point in the way we shop And many SMEs have been able to adapt to an increasingly digital consumer, introducing digital payments in their physical and online stores”, say Visa sources. Furthermore, in a context where e-commerce is growing in Spain And with the pre-Christmas shopping season just around the corner, it is believed that digital payments will be increasingly relevant to the success of businesses, say the same sources.

has increased in the last two years

The Untapped report analyzes the degree of digitization and the use of digital payments 933 Small Businesses in Spain. The report shows the increasing relevance of digital payments at merchants, with one in three SMEs that accept digital payments saying their customers have started making card payments at their merchants in the past two years amid the coronavirus There is potential for a boom during the pandemic.

Roble Doronsoro, responsible for business and visa acceptance in Southern Europe explains that “the data shows that digital payments play an essential role in the growth of SME businesses, but the reality is that there are still many businesses that do not have the necessary digital maturity in these circumstances.”

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For this reason, -he says-, his company is innovating to “provide new ways to accept” Digital payments through mobile and without the need for POS such as tap to phone or click to pay technology that simplifies and streamlines the ecommerce payment experience”.

Security and Digitization

Security is one of the main reasons that the surveyed SMEs indicated for betting on digitization of payments in their businesses. Specific, 56% SMEs that already have digital payments on their ecommerce platform They affirm that the digitization of payments guarantees them greater safety and security in purchases, as they are supported by a consolidated network and technical infrastructure. In this regard, Dorronsoro states that “security is essential to instill confidence in consumers.”

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Greater payment agility

On the other hand, for SMEs, digital payments also offer greater agility and ease in each payment, and as per the report, 67% of SMEs accepting card payments consider it an easier method of payment than other means.

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