35 of 53 Texas migrant tractor-trailer victims have been identified, including a 13-year-old . also includes

more than half 53 Overseas The youngest of those identified dead or found dead in a tractor-trailer in Texas last week is 13, officials said Tuesday.

According to officials in Bexar County, where the trailer was found, the medical examiner’s office is still awaiting confirmation of the identities of 18 victims following the nation’s deadliest smuggling attempt. abandoned On a backroad on the edge of San Antonio.

Yearning for the families waiting for confirmation Mexico To Honduras, Now they expect what would have been scary before — capture by the Border Patrol, even hospitalization — with anything but grim finality that continues to trickle down family by family across the region.

The victims identified so far were between 13 and 55 years old. One of the survivors of the journey, a 20 year old from Guatemalatold The Associated Press that smugglers covered the floor of the trailer with what they believed was powdered chicken broth, apparently to throw any dogs at checkpoints.

The difficult process of identification is on, but some families have already confirmed their loss. In Honduras, family members Identification of two victims Alejandro Miguel Andino Caballero, 23, and his wife, Margie Tamara Paz, 24, as Grajeda. In Guatemala, relatives confirmed that two teenage cousins, Pascual Melvin Guachiac and Juan Wilmar Tulul Tepez, had also died.

Family and friends Nahuatl in America.  Gather in mourning the dead of their loved ones who died in
A woman holds photographs of 13-year-old Pascual Melvin Guachiac and 14-year-old Juan Wilmar Tulul Tepaz, cousins ​​who died in San Antonio, Texas, along with other migrants, on June 29 in the small village of Tzuqubal in Nahuatla, Guatemala . , 2022.

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A total of 73 people were in the truck when it was found on June 27. Federal prosecutors say four people, including the driver, have been arrested in connection with the search for the truck.

two accused in the incident could face the death penaltyThe Justice Department said last week.

Texas native Homero Zamorano, the alleged truck driver, was arrested on criminal charges related to his alleged involvement in a deadly smuggling operation. According to the Justice Department, if convicted, the 45-year-old Pasadena resident faces the prospect of life imprisonment or the death penalty.

Christian Martinez, 28, was also charged after federal law enforcement officers executed a search warrant on a cell phone belonging to Zamorano. According to the DOJ, investigators found communications between him and Martinez in which they discussed the attempted smuggling.

Homeland Security Investigations Special Agent Craig Larrabee called it “eye-opening” and “horrible” in an interview investigating the incident.

“This is the highest human trafficking-related casualty in American history,” he told CBS News.

Larrabee said his agency has recorded an increase in international smuggling networks using tractor-trailers to transport large groups of migrants entering the country illegally.

“You have organizations that just don’t care about the safety of the individuals they are carrying,” he said. “It’s an object.”

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