4 University of Idaho students found dead in home near campus; Murder investigation continues

Police: 4 University of Idaho students found dead on campus


Police are investigating the deaths of four University of Idaho students found Sunday in a home near campus.

According to a press release from the city, officers of the Moscow Police Department discovered the deaths just before noon when responding to reports of an unconscious man.

Police refer to deaths as suspected homicide, which usually means the killing of one person by another, although the term does not necessarily mean that the death was intended or criminally committed.

Officials did not release additional details, including the cause of death. Police said more details would be shared later.

Scott Green, president of the University of Idaho, said in a statement, “It is with great sadness that I share with you that the University was informed today of the deaths of four University of Idaho students, who died outside campus. were living, who were believed to be victims of murder.” Facebook on Sunday Night. “In honor of these fellow vandals, statewide and online classes are canceled on Monday, November 14.”

The university said counselors will be available to students at the campus counseling center, while staff can get help through the employee assistance program. Green urged people to reach out if they were concerned about classmates or co-workers.

“An event of this magnitude could have a significant impact on those left behind,” Green wrote. “As vandals, we must come together and lift each other up.”

Green said the students’ families have been notified and the university will “continue to actively assist with law enforcement efforts.”

Shortly after the body was found, the university advised students to stay in the shelter for about an hour until investigators determined there was no active threat to others in the area.

The Moscow Police Department said the investigation was ongoing and asked people with information to call the department.

The city of Moscow is a nearby college town nestled in the rolling hills of north-central Idaho, about 80 miles (130 kilometers) southeast of Spokane, Washington.

The shocking discovery comes as another college – the University of Virginia in Charlottesville – is grappling with a deadly shooting. The police there are still looking for a student firing in which three people died and two injured.

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