5 bikinis with which Jessica Segura shows off her figure and shows off her good taste

People who follow YouTube shows”Envinadas“Surely they succumbed to the allure of their drivers: mariana boots, Daniela luzano You jessica segura, The latter, who is famous for appearing in various soap operas, television series and game shows such as “Se Vale” and “Me Cago de Risa”. However, like her peers, she is also very active on social networks where she flaunts her personal and professional life; In such a situation, the gateway between them is some of their posts.

The actress who brought to life the character of “Tekla” in the comedy series “ten . family of“She’s a fan of visiting small towns or natural areas, which is home to Mexico and as a fine artist, she doesn’t let the moment pass by with her cell phone; she captures the image and shares it on her Instagram. Where she has nearly a million followers, although she does not, she has many other celebrities who are loyal and support her in everything she does.

Jessica Segura and her colorful bikini

Jessica SeguraThough she doesn’t show off her diet or going to the gym, she has a chiseled figure which she can show off with the outfits that she chooses to go for a trip or a party. However, it seems that her favorite are bikinis, which she totally pairs with her life partner, tinnitus You fivetheir purebred puppies chihuahua Which drives him crazy and accompanies him everywhere.

Jessica Segura is a sea and sand lover (Photo: IG @segura_jessica)

The driver always seems happy in all his pictures which are taken of him on the sand and near the sea. However, things have not been easy for her, as some tragedies have happened to her, such as not being paid a proper salary when she appeared in “Family of Ten”, they gave her 5 thousand pesos per chapter. This was revealed in an interview for his friend Faso,

Jessica Segura made little money in “A Family of Ten” (Photo: IG @segura_jessica)

“What’s more, I’m going to throw them out, but in ‘The Family of Ten’ I charged five thousand pesos per episode. But wait, 15 years after the series, when we started doing theatre, they charged me five thousand pesos per episode. Days offer 2,500, that is, to deliver two functions. It’s surreal, I swear, that’s how my walk has been,” he revealed.

Jessica Segura and her little ones Tinton and Pancho (Photo: IG @segura_jessica)

Similarly, Jessica Segura suffered a horrific accident when she participated in one of the challenges of the program “It’s OK”. Although many did not believe it, as the fall she was facing did not look spectacular, she almost lost her life. “I broke my nose at five. I broke my right wrist, hurt my neck, back, and both knees, after that everyone said ‘ouch why are you afraid of heights’,” confessed tojunior promise,

Jessica Segura almost killed herself in the dynamics of the show “Se Vale” (Photo: IG @segura_jessica)
Jessica Segura is part of the show “Envinadas” (Photo: IG @segura_jessica)

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