5 Photos That Show Oxxo Cashier Is Similar To Dua Lipa

Alejandra Silva Cano became famous in a very short time, beautiful young lady a real social media influencer And his fame came when he recorded some videos at his workplace which went viral. right now He has more than 56 thousand followers on his Instagram accountThank you for the content you constantly share. In no time they have won the hearts of their masses, who look forward to new pictures, videos and content on their social network profiles every day.

The young woman works as a cashier at Oxxo and has become famous since she uploaded the first video to her workplace. Her beauty, appearance, charisma and her physical attractiveness They have become a magnet for likes and flattering comments from Regia’s followers.

But other than that, Alejandra Silva has become a trend because of the pictures and videos she uploads on her social networks Similar to English singer Dua Lipa, Locals and strangers have supported the idea and whenever a snapshot is uploaded, comments are left on the subject.

Alejandra Silva is very similar to Dua Lipas
Photo: IG Alejandra Silva

alejandra silva canoe He works at an oxxo, a place where he began recording video and quickly gained a following. He currently has over 56K on Instagram and a little over 155K on TikTok., Furthermore, his videos have garnered over 1.1 million likes and only eleven so far.

Alejandra has more than 56,000 followers on Instagram
Photo: IG Alejandra Silva
In each picture he holds the figure of his idol
Photo: IG Alejandra Silva
His followers on social networks call him Mexican Dua Lipa
Photo: IG Alejandra Silva
Their first video was recorded at a branch of Oxxo.
Photo: IG Alejandra Silva

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