5 pictures of Andrea Garcia that show her similar to Andres Garcia, although the actor refused her

This has caused a lot of concern in recent weeks. andres garciaBecause he has been in very poor health due to liver cirrhosis, he suffers from problems with his spine, and has even been said to be in the last days of his life, however, bickering with his children. lives with, including Andrea Garcia, Although she has lost her track a bit in Mexico, it is clear that she has a great similar with actorSo below you 5. can see photos which show similarities to them, though andres Denies at your displeasure.

on various occasions, Andrea Garcia He has shied away from his artistic career, and the same has happened with his relationship with his father, which is why the actors are very upset with him, and even Denies, For andres garciaHis daughter cut him out of her life which is why he does not want to have any contact with him despite his health condition.

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