5 secrets NASA hid in its Orion ship for space fans: We tell you what they were

After four failed attempts, NASA managed to launch its Orion spacecraft on its SLS megarocket on 16 November. About a month later, the vehicle returned from its journey from the Moon to Earth last Sundaylanding in the Pacific Ocean.

The Artemis I mission stands to be NASA’s first step in returning humans to our natural satellite. During its voyage, the ship carried Five Elements Honoring Lunar Exploration.

  1. 18 in binary code: Apollo 17 (1972) was the last mission in which astronauts walked on the lunar surface, and the Artemis program intends to be the 18th, although that is still at least 3 years away.
  2. ‘CBAGF’: These letters are written under one of the ship’s windows and symbolize the musical notes of the song ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ by Frank Sinatra.
  3. Code for Charlie Lundquist: He was the former deputy director of the Orion program and died in 2020. For this reason his name is written on the ship in Morse code.
  4. Symbol of St. St. Louis Cardinals: Mark Geyer, a former Orion program manager who will die in 2021, was a fan of the baseball team.
  5. Cooperation with ESA: As the European Space Agency developed the service module, NASA included the names of participating countries in the code.
These are the 5 hidden items that were kept in Orion before going to the Moon.
These are the 5 hidden items that were kept in Orion before going to the Moon.

Hidden messages in other NASA missions

This is not the first mission in which the US space agency has hidden details in its ships. Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, which were launched in 1977, had 12-inch gold-plated copper discs which they named ‘The Golden Record’.

This technology can be used in trips to Mars.

phonograph records were inside Pictures and sounds that represent life on earth, In the event that a hypothetical extraterrestrial life did access it, it might get an idea of ​​what’s on our planet and who knows, it might decide to visit us anyway.

Later, NASA engineers encoded a binary message onto the parachute of the Mars rover Perseverance. In particular, it said ,dare mighty things”Which invites you to dare to do “mighty things”.

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