5 side effects of drinking cold water on an empty stomach

It is imperative to drink enough water each day to support our body’s function. Water not only provides internal support to our body but it is also very essential for better skin and hair and that is the reason why if you drink less water then your skin starts to dry out and you also develop early signs of aging.

Summer makes that beautiful big glass of cold water very attractive. But wait! Have you ever thought about the consequences of drinking cold water and the impact it leaves on your body? Well, cold water may feel refreshing, but it impairs your ability to stay hydrated, inhibits digestion, and causes blood vessels to constrict.

Drinking cold water not only has side effects, but it is also recommended to use little lukewarm water for showering and washing hair as it causes damage to both skin and hair. But one thing that is always out of the question is what the normal drinking water temperature should be. So if you’re drinking cold water first thing in the morning, read the consequences below.

Digestive system effects

Consuming cold liquids constricts blood vessels and ultimately hinders digestion. In addition, it prevents the nutrient absorption process related to the normal digestion of the body. The body’s attention is diverted from digestion as it is preoccupied with controlling body temperature. Drinking water that is too cold can dehydrate you, as your body has to work harder to raise the temperature to compensate.

Creates mucus/sore throat

coldYour elders at home must have prevented you from drinking cold water directly from the refrigerator, the reason is very common, as you may catch a cold along with sore throat and stuffy nose, and that is why you should stop drinking ice water altogether. . Drinking cold water causes your respiratory system to produce a lot of mucus. The airway becomes more susceptible to numerous respiratory diseases when it is filled with mucus. That is one of the reasons why people suffering from this type of problem are advised to drink hot water in the morning to relieve the cough problem.

cause stomach pain

constipation 1Some people start their day with an intense workout. Drinking cold water right after exercising in the morning is discouraged. Any type of exercise causes the production of body heat. Drinking cold water too soon upsets its temperature, which is bad for the digestive system. Also, ice water is useless after a workout as the body cannot absorb it. It could also result in stomach pain.

Makes it difficult to have a proper bowel movement

diarrhea 1Many of us are in the habit of drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning before emptying our stomachs. Where warm water works wonders; on the other hand, cold water could have the opposite effect by causing difficulty in cleaning the digestive tract.

Causes tooth sensitivity

teethDrinking cold water creates a sensitivity in the teeth and also causes other problems, such as weakening the enamel of the teeth, which leads to more breakage. You may have noticed that even while brushing our teeth when we use cold tap water to wash our mouth, it causes similar effects. Therefore, drinking cold water first thing in the morning is surely not a good idea.

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