6 Apps That Are Alternatives To Twitter: One Of Them Wins Every Time The Platform Frustrates Users

Stephen King threatened to leave Twitter a few days ago If the offer to pay $ 20 for verification in the social network became a reality. And, like the famous author, there are many users who are considering leaving the platform now that Elon Musk owns and intends to implement some measures that do not dissuade him.

Mastodon, an open source app with independent servers, managed by the users themselves, may be one of the options for those who want to leave Twitter. According to the company, More than 230,000 people have registered in the application And others have resumed their activity there after Twitter changed ownership.

Mastodon has already registered nearly 30,000 new users in a single day, with the signing of the Twitter purchase agreement by Elon Musk at the end of April. App CEO Eugene Rochko explained that he offered “A vision of the social network that no billionaire can buy.” Now, the official announcement of the acquisition has seen Mastodon accumulating over 655,000 active users in the past week.

Before deleting your Twitter account, you may want to save all of your Tweets.

Possible alternatives to Twitter

But Mastodon isn’t the only platform that can replace Twitter, there are others that can fill the gap for users:

  • Tumblr: It was created in 2007 and lets you share publications with text, images, audio, video, chat or quotes. It’s free, but there’s a paid option for those who want to stop seeing ads.
  • reddit: The structure is different from that of Twitter, but it is known for the various forums of debate that are created.
  • CounterSocial: With a design similar to Twitter, this social network stands up against bots, propaganda, and even advertising (it’s financed through a $5 premium subscription).
  • Amino: You have the ability to both post public and talk privately via direct messages.
  • Plurk: Internet users have a karma system that gives less visibility to those who post negative topics. Instead of scrolling the timeline vertically, the app scrolls horizontally.

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