6 photos in which Michel Renaud and Matisse Novoa show that they are meant for each other

Michel Renaud and Matias Novoa first saw eye to eye during the month of August 2021, when they were recording the tape “Doblemente Embarzada”, there was a good start Relationship A friendship that blossomed till 2022 when they could no longer hide their feelings and decided to give Dil a chance.

The couple was seen several times in the video social networkThey went on trips together and later talked about their love story in a magazine, declaring among other things how happy they are and the many things they have in common, as they realize now that they are in a relationship. It has happened that they have the same taste in different activities.

He is not married yet. IG/MichelReynaud

Another thing they have told the press is that despite the fact that they are not married under any law or religion, they feel very committed, because they believe that marriage is fidelity and equality, things that are fundamental to their relationship, plus have made it very clear that they plan to make it happen family And that they don’t rule out being parents to a girl child.

“My goal is not marriage, my goal is to have a relationship that will last forever,” said Michel Renaud when asked by the press (…) I also want a girl with him to see if they send it to us. I think it’s very important when you decide to be a mother to find the right person who you feel is all your values. Imagine her a boy or a girl. And Mattias said from the first day “Don’t stain, a child this man I will die,” he said Michel Renaud.

They plan a family. IG/MichelReynaud

More about Matias Novoa

actress and model Michel Renaud He is one of the most famous in Mexico, his work in soap operas and his face in movies are the most appreciated among the audience, but it did not happen to him matias novaBecause many people wonder who is the man who stole Mexican hearts?

Matías Novoa is an actor originally from Valparaíso, Chile, he is currently 42 years old and recently participated in Melodrama “heritage”, a Televisa-Univision production in which Michel Renaud was also present and would be the watershed to start everything. Now the lovers enjoy their company so much that they elaborate on their social networks where they tell the world how happy they are.

They met in 2021.

They have worked together. IG/MichelReynaud

They swear love in the network. IG/MichelReynaud

He likes to travel. IG/MichelReynaud

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