7 Feel-Good Shows You Must Watch This Weekend

Summer may be coming to an end and the first chills of October have taken over. Everyone may have more plans for indoors than outdoors for the weekends. Don’t worry; just buy some popcorn, as we’ve made it easy for you by making a list of must-watch shows for your weekend ticket.

There are plenty of shows available to entertain you, including lists of the best romantic movies, the best horror movies, and the best black history movies on Netflix. There are also children’s movies for the little ones. However, movies can only hold your plan for a maximum of 2-3 hours. So instead, it is suggested to opt for good shows/series if you want to have the option to binge-watch for several hours.

Featuring everything from period dramas to timeless favorites, this list of the best shows to watch right now is sure to give you some ideas on what to watch this weekend. There are plenty of series to keep you entertained over the weekend, so grab your favorite food and start watching.

The company

The company, a historical drama on Netflix, is a true life story of Empress Elisabeth of Austria. It is not only a serious period drama, but also makes you laugh with the frank and carefree demeanor of an empress who is too lazy to make clear and serious decisions for her kingdom. As the drama progresses, it is intriguing to see how her life was transformed after the Emperor of Austria became attracted to her and chose Elisabeth as her wife instead of her sister. It will be interesting to see how an idealistic and understanding empress makes the best decisions for the empire.


This British television series airing on Disney+ Hotstar covers the struggles of young graduates in their twenties who do their best to carve out a place for themselves at London’s top investment firms. The eight-episode series will follow life in the financial industry through the perspective of Harper Stein, a New Yorker who went to London to work for a major corporation. Unfamiliar with the people, customs, and world in general, Harper is shown narrating stories to everyone she meets or who has an impact on the journey.

house of the dragon

the prelude to game of Thrones, house of the dragoncan make it to your weekend list if you’re a OBTAINED fan. The series, which shows 200 years before the events of game of ThronesIt is based on the book by George RR Martin. fire and blood and follows the history of House Targaryen. You can watch this on Disney+ Hotstar/HBO Max.


she-hulk, a procedural legal comedy, expands the Marvel Comics Universe in unexpected ways, particularly by finding humor in the less glamorous parts of being a superhero. The main character, Jennifer Walters, trying to match her legal career with her abilities as She-Hulk, is a great source of humor on the show. You can see this on Disney + Hotstar.

high water

This 6-episode Polish series dramatizes what happened in the city of Wroclaw, Central European Flood, which occurred in 1997. You can watch this series on Netflix.


The son of an Egyptian immigrant, Ramy, is caught in a spiritual impasse in his New Jersey neighborhood. He is torn between his Muslim community, who believes life is a continual test, his millennial friends, who believe life is full of limitless possibilities, and a God who is constantly on the prowl. You can see this on Hulu Originals.

jumping from high places

Lastly, if you’re looking for a romantic getaway, you can check out jumping from high places on Netflix, which is an Italian love comedy for young adults.

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