7 smart thermostats for less than €100 that can help you save without heating

The rise in the price of electricity and gas is being felt in the pockets of Spanish households, especially now that the temperature is starting to drop. It was claimed in a Gemserv report last year Smart thermostats can help reduce bills by up to 22%. Annual total.

In 2021, heating a two- or three-bedroom home in Europe costs around €800 per year. The war between Russia and Ukraine has resulted in that figure rising, but smart thermostats could help save us Around 200 Euros a year.

Smart thermostats are the cheapest option and the one with which you save the most on the bill.
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The Asian brand's graphene radiator can also be used to humidify the environment.

There are three types of thermostats: programmablewhich controls the heating depending on the time of day or year; non programmable, which are the ones that must be adjusted manually; why SmartWhich can be connected to WiFi and controlled from one application.

In addition to reducing expenses, a smart thermostat allows individuals turn on your heating from your mobile On the road, before coming home. Some are even able to maintain the ideal temperature at all times of the day and detect when no one is home.

What are the things to be kept in mind before buying a thermostat?

  • make sure you have A good insulation system.
  • check out The device is compatible with the heating system that you have installed
  • make sure that Thermostat installation is easy or that the help of a technician is provided.

The above devices can be bought on Amazon.

Smart Thermostats Under 100 Euros

Some smart thermostats that can be connected to WiFi, are compatible with voice assistants and cost less than 100 euros, are the favorites of users on Amazon. Here we provide a list with some of them.

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