70-year-old Delaware woman claims $100,000 lottery prize – then wins $300,000 more on her way home

As people eagerly wait to see who will take home the record-breaking $1.9 billion Powerball prize, one lucky man in Delaware got a big win from scratch-off. Delaware Lottery officials announced that a 70-year-old woman received the prize of a lifetime after winning $100,000 from scratch-off tickets last month — and then after buying more to celebrate, won another $300,000.

The woman, who lives in Newark but wants to remain anonymous, according to lottery officials, won the first prize of $100,000 from two Ultimate Cash tickets she bought at a Speedy gas station. A week later on October 20, she and her best friend went to lottery headquarters to claim their prize—the most she’s won in the seven years she’s been playing the state lottery.

On his way home, he bought three more tickets to the Serious Money game, this time. From those tickets, he received an astonishing bonus – another $300,000.

“My best friend was the first person I told me about winning the top prize of $100,000 and she came with me,” the woman told Delaware Lottery officials. “When I looked at the Serious Money ticket that won $300,000 later in the day, we sat there in disbelief. It was complete madness.”

The woman told the Delaware Lottery that she wanted to use most of the money for her retirement fund.

“I love scratching tickets for instant games!” He told the lottery officials.

Powerball, on the other hand, puts people across the country on the edge. As the drawing ended with no winners, the jackpot increased to $1.9 billion – the largest jackpot in the world. A portrait was scheduled for Monday night, but was late Because a participating state needs more time to process the sale.

When enabled, officials will post winning numbers on the Powerball website and YouTube channel.

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