8 officers who shot Jayland Walker return to duty due to staff shortage, says police chief

Eight Ohio Police Officers Who Fired Dozens of Rounds jayland walkerA 25-year-old black man has returned to duty after being chased by car and on foot.

Akron Police Chief Steve Mylett said in a statement on Tuesday that officers returned to work on Monday. He was placed on paid administrative leave following 27 June Fatal Shooting,

According to the chief, the officers were back on duty to address the staff shortage, adding that the decision was “not made in haste” but after “honest, difficult” talks with community leaders.

“The consensus of these conversations was an agreement that this move will provide the necessary relief and support to ensure that there is no interruption in the services we provide to the community,” Mylet said.

The police chief said the officers will not be in uniform or perform patrol duty – they have been reassigned to administrative duties.

“We believe this decision will be a cause of concern to the Walker family and community, and we are sensitive to those concerns,” Mylett said.

The Ohio Criminal Investigation Bureau is currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the Walker dead,

A preliminary autopsy showed that Walker had been shot at least 40 times. Two officers initially tried to stop Walker’s car for a minor equipment violation. Police said Walker refused to stop and seconds after a chase, a shot was fired from his car. Officers followed the car onto the freeway and returned to the city streets.

Walker stopped after a while and got out of the car. Ignoring the orders of the officers, he fled to the adjacent parking lot, where he was killed in a barrage of police bullets, police body cam video shows. Officials said Walker represented a “fatal threat.” A pistol and a wedding ring were found in the driver’s seat of his car.

Walker’s death inspired several protests in Akron, along with calls for police reform.

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