A Beast in the Sky With Eight Hidden Hellfire Missiles: It’s the Raider X Combat Helicopter

The United States moves forward in the development of its arms and aircraft industry to become a military power, therefore, the next combat helicopter The Raider X is an airship capable of carrying up to six soldiers and external weapons.

Lockheed Martin is in charge of the company To develop such helicopter based on the experience of innovative weapon systems using digital design and manufacturing techniques.

raider x Its speed will be 425 kilometers per hourwill cover advances fly through the stars (flight control, vehicle management system and system integration), it will be able to fly at an altitude of three kilometers, it will withstand temperatures of up to 35 degrees, it will have a 600 kilometer autonomywould carry an internal auxiliary fuel tank and its ordnance It will include eight ‘Hellfire’ missiles,

Most of the aircraft’s parts are finished, in addition, it has avionics based on ‘modular architecture of open systems’ and mission systems which offer option plug and play,

The turboshaft engine of the Raider X will be the General Electric T901 model. With a power of 2,200 kW, the helicopter will also have a double coaxial rotor to provide greater performance and manoeuvrability.

Sikorsky (a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin), on the other hand, is moving forward on a second Raider X prototype, which will be integrated into the team’s structural test program and validate ground and flight load capability.

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