A bipedal robot sets a new Guinness speed record: a 100-meter dash in 24.7 seconds

Two-legged robot Cassie has broken the Guinness World Record for the fastest bipedal robot in a single race. 100 metropolis Smooth. Specifically, it is able to travel that distance in 24.73 sec.

Its creators belong to the Oregon State University company (United States) Agility Robotics. Its official presentation was made in 2017 as a development platform for robotics research. Since then, Cassie has come a long way (pun intended).

In the 2021 demo, its developers showed how Cassie was able to overcome A distance of 5 kms in just 53 minutes. This milestone was achieved thanks to the use of machine learning algorithms and its mechanics, which are characterized by knees that are bent similar to that of an ostrich.

Oregon State University graduate student Devin Crowley explained in that demo that Cassie was “a platform for pioneering research into robot learning to walk.”

The researcher who was part of the project reported that “completion 5 km was about reliability and resistance” and was surprised What speed can it reach? This question is answered a year later, with the 100-meter run which he ran in less than 25 seconds.

The creators of these sumobots must follow the official rules in their competitions.

That’s how he made Cassie run so much without falling

Over the past year, the team behind the bipedal robot had to stick with it for a week to come up with a more effective way of walking. With Agility Robotics, he wanted to set a Guinness World Record and make sure you stay on your feet Even after crossing the finish line.

To do this, experts had to use two neural networks in Cassie: one to make her run faster and the other to keep her steady when she finished. ,Standing up and stopping is harder than running -Alan Fern, Professor of Artificial Intelligence- says. This 100m result was achieved through a deep collaboration between mechanical hardware design and advanced artificial intelligence to control that hardware.”

The result of his investigation was that Cassie was running for 24.73 seconds to reach the 100 meters as fast as possible.

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