A fisherman caught a giant goldfish weighing 67.4 pounds. Its name is “carrot”.

A British fisherman caught a giant carp that looked like an irregularly shaped goldfish in a lake in France earlier this month. The bright orange fish weighed 67.4 pounds and was appropriately named Carrot, according to Bluewater Lakes, which manages a lake in the Champagne region.

According to BBC News, fisherman Andy Hackett said it took 25 minutes to pull the giant carp out of the water. “You need a bigger bowl,” Hackett told BBC News, “was everyone’s first thought.”

The lake is known for its giant carp. According to BBC News, the carrot is a hybrid of leather carp and koi carp and was introduced into the lake 20 years ago. It remained elusive, but the bright orange color of the fish gave it away. Still it was difficult to catch.

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Posted by Bluewater Lakes on Thursday, November 3, 2022

“With normal fish you struggle to see them if they’re under the surface, but the carrot is obviously bright orange so you can’t miss it,” Hackett told BBC News. ,[But] It’s a very sought-after fish, not many people have caught it, it’s quite elusive.”

Hackett releases the carrot back into the lake so other anglers still have a chance to catch it. However, the lake is fully booked for the foreseeable future, the company posted on Facebook.

CBS News has reached out to Bluewater Lakes for more information and is awaiting a response.

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