A Galician company gets involved in the business of sending the ashes of your loved ones into space

Death is still a taboo topic for many people, but surely you have ever talked with your friends about how you want your funeral, if you want your body to be buried or last. Be cremated and if you choose the latter, where are you I want it to be shattered. your ashes probably wasn’t among your options The idea of ​​sending your remains into spaceBut the truth is you can do it (yes, it’s not very cheap).

Spaceway and Elysium Space are two such companies that offer the possibility of sending the ashes of a deceased into space. In the case of the first company, the price is $5,300 and the remnants will reach the stratosphere in a space capsule; And the other will take the dead person to space on a satellite for two years for $2,490. Now, a Spanish company, Stardust Spaces, is looking to enter the business.

stardust space

The firm is founded by Galician lawyer Andrea Santos, who presents his service as: “Best Last Goodbye” The loved ones who can give to the deceased. Santos studied at the International Space University of Strasbourg and assures that space is the perfect place for final rest that takes us back to the origins.

Stardust Space’s work includes collecting the remains, verifying them, and transporting them to the United States, to make sure there are no errors in the voyage. ,We always have a lot of respect when we talk about death Santos says. We do the custody, the launch company is SpaceX, we are already in touch with them.”

SpaceX is a name that sounds familiar to all of us from billionaire Elon Musk. Said aerospace firm is in charge of projecting the ashes into the capsule and each Falcon 9 rocket sent will carry Total 100 kg (one kg ash per customer).

After the rocket’s launch, the capsules are placed in a Sun-synchronous orbit, as if they were satellites. Capsules are designed to degrade, So that more space debris is not generated in the long run.

The goggles contain three explosive charge modules that are activated when the user dies in the game.

“The ashes have to be validated, There can be no rest, no little bone or anythingIn orbit, the capsule moves at a speed of 4 kilometers per second, with which some very small bullet can form and destroy a billion-dollar satellite,” says Santos.

The lawyer estimates that his services will be available for rent in the spring of 2023, but it will not be suitable for everyone, because will be around 24,000 euros, “The space industry is a million-dollar industry,” Santos justifies himself, “that space services cost a lot of money.”

So that more people can afford it, Santos explains that they are “in talks with insurance companies to get death insurance for Stardust, For example, 130 euros can be paid quarterly with,

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