A German company proposes to put sockets on the edge of footpaths to charge electric cars

Companies investing in research and development of electric cars have a common enemy: The impossibility of loading vehicles from both sides. Drivers who don’t have a garage with a plug will rarely offer to buy one because it would be difficult to find a place to plug it in.

It is proposed as a solution installation of charging stations on public roads. For example, BMW proposed the Streetlight Charger in 2014 and Stockholm Parkring announced his intentions To create large public parking lots for electric vehicles in Stockholm.

So far, none of the ideas have been convincing, but that hasn’t stopped companies. Now, Rheinmetall, a German firm specializing in electromobility, has presented a potential project that would include To plug the car cable into ground.

The Rheinmetall team ensures that they have a system that can provide charging points for alternating current Up to 22 kW power. The major drawback of the chargers installed till date is that they are usually quite slow and the power promised by the German company will be faster than the existing one.

One high-powered promise this time is from Kia, which commented on its intention to develop its own network of ultra-fast chargers with poles equal to or greater than 150 kW, However, the system which is under process has faced several issues in its installation at the dealerships due to space constraints.

The drone will be remotely controlled and the journey will take around 5 minutes.

According to Rheinmetall, their 22 kW chargers will be located on the outskirts of municipalities, useful for travel, but not for going to the city. His proposal is less intrusive in an urban environment than a post, because, frankly, it would involve a false curb that would integrate with existing infrastructure.

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