‘A girl from the 20th century’: Byon Woo-seok remembers what her first love was like

A few weeks ago, Netflix premiered the Korean romance film “A Girl of the 20th Century,” and actor and model Byon Woo-seok, who stars in the film, talks about his memories of his first love and how he saw them. How that helped prepare you for your character. ,

Kim Yoo-jung and Byon Woo-seok star in new Netflix film a girl of the 20th centurya drama and romance in which 17-year-old girl fell in love for the first time in a year in the new century, the bad thing is that the guy she loves is to nuke Her best friend was the one she was supposed to care for, but as in many cases, she was the one who crushed her.

Woo-seok, the heartthrob of the film directed by Bang Woo-ri, shared that Recalling the experience of his first love helped him connect with the character and prepare him to play it, He also remarked that love came to him unexpectedly when he was in high school, just like it had happened to Woon Ho. a girl of the 20th century,

actors of midnight runner talked about the first time he fell in love with a girl and how much she loved She regrets not expressing her true feelings Him:

She was close to me, but I never confessed how I felt for her. So I could relate to Woon Ho. Looking back on those moments, I don’t know why I didn’t. I felt that the fact that I liked someone was special in itself. I am no longer the same, now I try to express my feelings.


Bayon commented that he believed that The concept of first love, whether reciprocal or not, is one that is first interpreted when you really like someone., When asked if the woman he loves ever found out about his feelings for her, he replied that he once met her on the street like a love movie, only it didn’t have a happy ending. to which we are accustomed. ,

We do not keep in touch, but once we met each other on the street by chance. I’m pretty sure you have no idea how I felt about that.

Korea Times

As much as we’d like, sometimes relationships and platonic love don’t end the way we expected. What happened to Byon Woo-seok has happened to many people, but Watching an exciting romance story in movies is always rewarding, If you want to know the outcome of the unexpected love story between Na Bo-Ra, also played by an actress woman revengeAnd Poong Woon-ho, remember that a girl of the 20th century Available on Netflix.

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