a miracle? Famous actress is pregnant with 50 year old twins!

according to the magazine social fertility In Spanish, 30-year-old women experience a decline in their fertility, with a probability of 15%, so this medium dedicated to conceiving pregnancy recommends that women seek medical help after 9 months of active effort to conceive . pregnancy,

Also, they indicate that the risk of miscarriage at thirty is about 20%. On the other hand, pregnancy after 45 is a very difficult proposition, as the chances of women becoming pregnant at this stage of life are less than 1%. spore,

This is because almost all of her remaining eggs contain anomalies geneticsWhich can result in a birth related to Down syndrome, however, there are women who manage to get pregnant at this stage of their life as well.

one of the women who got it is famous Actress American Hilary Swank, Who confirmed this October 5 a news that has paralyzed not only her fans, but the whole world, as the actress who won two Oscars and star of blockbuster films like “Postscript: I Love You” said during an interview Revealed that she is her 48 years old. is pregnant.

pregnant at the age of 48

Hillary has created an uproar by revealing that she will become almost 50 years old breast For the first time, and not only that, the famous actress who has been in the acting industry since 32 years is expecting not just one child, but twins, something that is practically impossible for most of the women to come out with right now. from a century of life.

The Academy’s winner confirms that the incident made her and her husband very happy Philip Schneider, Well, she confirmed that becoming a parent is something they have wanted and been planning for a long time and in this regard she expressed: “I can’t believe it, I will be a mother for the first time”, the same At the time she revealed that she is in her second trimester of pregnancy.


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