A new report gives hope to Wonder Woman 3

Wonder Woman 3 still has a chance. The latest published report focuses on a specific aspect of rejected ideas.

According to a new report, Wonder Woman 3 might not end at Warner Bros. Discovery and DC Studios. In a new report published by Deadline, it is noted that Patty Jenkins’ first treatment for the trilogy was the only thing the studio turned down. It was a decision that was apparently made by Warner’s bosses. Therefore, it was not a decision for the newly promoted James Gunn and Peter Safran.

It seems that Warner Bros. Discovery fears that Wonder Woman 3 will fall into the same structural trap that the 1984 sequel fell into. However, Warner “would like” to produce a third Wonder Woman film. Even then, If Gal Gadot were to return, she would be without Jenkins, with whom she has developed a strong working relationship. Since both of them had breathed life into Diana Prince’s solo films.

Gal Gadot is still willing to put the saga on her back

Hours before The Hollywood Reporter published her controversial DC Comics story, Gal Gadot tweeted about her work on the franchise, giving the impression that She Saw What Was Coming & Would Be Open To Returning In Wonder Woman 3,

Gal Gadot said, “It was announced a few years ago that I was going to play Wonder Woman.” “I am so grateful for the opportunity to play such an incredible and iconic character and most of all I am grateful to you. fan. I can’t wait to share his next chapter with you.” Hopefully he can return in Wonder Woman 3 and we have the trilogy we dream of.

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