A photographer uses artificial intelligence to show what Lady Di, Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley looks like today

Death doesn’t always come when someone grows up, sometimes it comes ‘prematurely’. No matter how famous a person is, an accident, a suicide, a murder, excessive drug use, an illness can be the cause of a life that ends soon.

Lady Di, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger, Paul Walker, Amy Winehouse are some of the most influential people of their time, whose talents still exist today, despite the fact that they died young. How would they be physically now if they were alive? This question arose in the mind of Turkish photographer Alper Yesiltas, who, thanks to artificial intelligence, has been able to answer it in his project ‘As if Nothing Happened’, which he is posting on Instagram.

Yesitas has used image editing programs and artificial intelligence to bring some musicians and actors back to life and even remove Madonna’s aesthetic touch. The equipment used by the photographer uses an AI algorithm called Adverse Generative Network (GAN) It has acronyms in English).

Users will be able to choose the movement of the deepfake.

There are two parts to this technique. generates the first an aged version of a face, being able to choose a specific age. program after Compares the image created with AI with the real image of the selected age to ensure that the result is reliable.

“The development of AI technology has excited me a lot and made me think that anything that can be imagined can be shown in reality.” “When I started playing with technology, I saw what it could do and I thought it would make me happy. I wanted to see some of the people I missed again and thus this project came.”

the photographer thinks “The hardest part of the creative process” is making him realistic. “The moment I love it the most is when I feel that the image in front of me looks very realistic, as if it was taken by a photographer,” emphasizes Yesiltas.

On his Instagram account there are many more pictures created by professional AI from Turkey. They are all quite realistic.

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