A puppy was let loose by his collar in New York City. He ended up in New Jersey by swimming across the Hudson River.

Dog who swam across the Hudson to New Jersey, reunited with owner


A New York City service dog got loose and made a long solo journey — swimming across the Hudson River and ending up in New Jersey. On Saturday, something scared him so the service dog Bear came off his collar. He ran 30 blocks and jumped into the river that sits between New York and northern New Jersey.

“The story sounds so crazy to me that I can’t believe it’s true,” Ellen Wolpin, the bear’s owner, told Inside Edition. Wolpin got Bear last week as a service dog for her son, who has seizures.

The Hudson River is about a mile wide, and while that swim might be tough for humans, the bear is a mix of a Bernese Mountain Dog and Leonberger and a natural swimmer, according to Inside Edition.

Something spooked him on Saturday so the bear broke free from its collar, ran 30 blocks and jumped into the Hudson River.

Edgewater Fire Department

Wolpin spoke to a local Upper West Side blog after the six-month-old pup went missing and said patrol boats are searching for him. “I’m hoping for the best but maybe he got to NJ and someone caught him and he’s with a good home now,” she said — which is a little sad considering the dog ended up in New Jersey. Looks like a presentation.

The Edgewater Fire Department received a call about a dog barking near the pier. There he found and saved the bear.

Edgewater Fire Department

According to Inside Edition, the bear wasn’t discovered until nearly two days after someone heard it barking near a pier in Edgewater, New Jersey. He was rescued by calling the fire brigade. Edgewater firefighter Thomas Quinton told Inside Edition, “The dog was literally standing at the end of the pier … It looked like a statue of a dog.” “It was like he was ready to go, he was tired of being down there.”

They used the bear’s microchip to find its owners.

The fire department shared photos of the rescue Tuesday morning on Facebook. CBS News has been contacted for more information and is awaiting a response.

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