A room at Cinemax Market Interlomas floods ahead of the performance of ‘Black Adam’

Obviously, Tlaloc didn’t like the arrival of “Black Adam” in Mexican theaters and did his job by flooding one of the Cinemax campuses.

Cinemax knows how to please its users and in recent months it has inaugurated CineMarket, A movie theater that offers a variety of food in addition to the traditional combo of popcorn and nachos. In this, users can watch premieres like Halloween: Last Night hey smile In premium seats with state-of-the-art screens. a great plan to watch black adam,

Last weekend many fans bought their tickets to see Dwayne Johnson’s debut at the DCEU in their favorite theaters, though. Not everyone is so lucky. After a terrible rain fell in the state of Mexico. The Interlomas Cinemarket was under water and people could stop the rain without even keeping a knife in the ground.

According to a Tik Tok user named @comaypuntomx, eThe theater was flooded and leaks started everywhere. The workers in the premises had to drain the water in the garbage cans. And despite his efforts to dry the floor, the water kept falling. Users took advantage of this moment to buy some food, but the wait was in vain, as the rooms were inaccessible, so the manager offered them tickets to return a second time.

Movie premieres in cinemas at Cinépolis and Cinemax starting October 27

The user didn’t want to live with the desire to see Black Adam and The Justice Society on the big screen, so he chose to buy tickets to Cinépolis. thanks for that when Henry Cavill Confirmed his return as superman, If you haven’t seen the movie, now you have a reason.


Cinemarket Interlomas was inaugurated in June this year.

There are other Cinemax or Cinepolis complexes besides Interlomas Cinemarket that could be a great option to visit this weekend. Bardo, False Chronicle of a Few Truths, explosive hazard hey Lilo, Lilo, Cocodrillo, If you want to go to Cinemarket, In Mexico City you can find one at Artz Pedregal and the other at Galleria Rebels, Where you can choose between sushi, wings, crepes or hot dogs to accompany your movie.

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