A Spanish satellite will bear Nebrija’s name and allow chess to be played from space

A new experimental satellite has been named Antonio de Nebrija to commemorate the fifth centenary of his death., The space device that will be launched next year will be dedicated to telecommunications and will provide users with the opportunity to play games chess,

The Spanish Radio Amateur Union (URE) and the University of Nebrija have entered into a cooperation agreement to put into orbit the figure of the Spanish humanitarian, naming the satellite URESat-1. Antonio de Nebrija,

Launch is scheduled for June 2023 on the SpaceX mission And the satellite will be capable of transmitting voice and data communications as well as live and recorded images, the university reports in a statement.

The satellite costing 15,000 Euros to build and 40,000 Euros to put it into orbitWith dimensions of 8.5 x 5 cm, it is the work of URE and MSAT-EA, an organization dedicated to the study, promotion and development of satellites for amateur radio communications.

Among other things, it is equipped Chess game to be able to set up a game between Earth and space, The satellite will also provide students of Nebrija University with an interactive game with encrypted messages about the ship lost in space.

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