A startup makes a self-driving baby stroller that works when empty

A tech startup called GluxKind (“Lucky Kid” in German) is trying to develop technology that makes it easier Raising and caring for the little ones. His first creation was a baby stroller that moves on its own, at least when no one is inside.

Gluckskind AI Stroller It is an automatic stroller so that parents can carry their son or daughter without worrying about moving the device. That way, they’ll be able to hold the little ones with both hands, much safer than doing it with just one.

As explained on its website, the cart adapts to the speed of its peers, so users should not worry about the possibility that it will go downhill fast. In addition, it has a system that controls its environment 360º, to warn of potential dangers Before adults are aware.

Its developers have equipped the stroller Dual motor system. Thanks to this, Gluckskind states that it easily climbs any slope without requiring the user to push.

The AI ​​stroller not only has hands-free function when people carry a baby, but it has one that makes Car gently shakes by itself, Thus, the baby may be asleep or quiet, but without a human who moves the stroller.

This is available through a new software update.

Stroller also works with an app so adults know where is he all the time? With this feature, users will be able to know the location of their partner, midwife or child caregiver, which will give them more security.

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