A tiktoker manages to make a hoax about youth sniffing porcelain and the platform shuts down his account

They always appear on social media challenges Which captures the attention of the youngest, from dancing to absurd challenges that can put users’ lives at risk.

tiktoker Sebastian Durphy (@childprogeny) took advantage of the interest to conduct an experiment with tiktok users, so, he published a video that Rumor about the challenge ‘Porcelain Challenge’,

It is believed that challenge contained in Grind Porcelain Unless you have e. do not find a fine powder forsmell it like cocaine, but Durphy implemented his proposal when he edited a fake Fox article with the headline ‘What’s the China Challenge’. A new TikTok trend encourages teenagers to smell china powder.

the video was Over half a million views And the content contained a warning that “engaging in this activity could result in injury to you or others.”

recently, Durphy’s account was blocked due to the impact of the rumortelling NCBNews that “I thought it would be interesting to see if I could find the sweet spot of making something that is obviously fake and has the receipts to prove it, but still interesting enough that people are in it.” Want to participate and help make it happen. Spread.”

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