A tiny kid-sized toy dinosaur gets the VIP treatment on flight home to Washington State

Employees of Southwest Airlines in California went the extra mile to make sure a little boy’s prized possession gets the VIP treatment.

Glo Jones checking bags at Burbank Airport, California For two decades, he said he had never seen anything like this toy – a dinosaur the size of a small child.

Rowan Francois, 8, found the toy while on vacation, with no idea how to bring it home.

“It’s almost as big as mine,” he said. “I thought it was going to break the whole time.”

But Southwest Airlines baggage handler Bryant Cisneraos and his coworkers were determined to save the toy from breaking.

“It wasn’t in the box, so our concern was taking care of it,” he said. “We gave it a specific cart of its own, drove it to the gate, and when we loaded the dinosaur into the bin, we put it in the center bin, which is itself.”

It made it to its new home in Spokane, Washington, in one piece.

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