A Virtual Double in the Metaverse: What Is a Digital Twin and Why Everyone Wants One

If we were asked in the ’80s what we expected to see from the date we currently live in, perhaps the answer was full Holograms, Virtual Doubles, Flying Cars and Teleportation, At least that’s what many of us drink from movies, television, and books. comics of that time.

FutureEven then, It’s not like those movies. Although it can come close in some things, The disruption of the metaverse has brought up something that has been going on for a while: digital twins.

A digital twin is “a virtual representation of a model that can be an object, a process, or an infrastructure”., IT Manager at Hiberus, Engineer Alejandro Jiménez defines it as this, where he is in charge of the analysis and architectural design of technical solutions, and in particular, for the Globe project, 3D virtualization and optimization of industrial BIM processes. global forum. In Industry 4.0.

Building digital models of the physical world is increasingly established in all areas, contributing to Benefits in terms of efficiency, productivity and cost and time savings, This is because ‘digital twins’ go one step further than simulations, providing representations similar to real ones—or those that will exist in the future. These twins, being exact replicas of something physical, are designed to behave in the same way that a real double would be in a given situation.

Digital twins can be very complicated, for example, as the Hiberus expert indicates, a representation of the whole city can be made. It may be thought that this is something simple, because it is something that has been done in the world for a long time. Video gameBut the specifics here are different.

In Spain we will most likely offer you contactless payments.

we’re talking about what we’ll need to build the city we now call metaversowith everyone Its details, its buildings, its citizens and their functions… In short, all the little things that happen every day in a city,

Cities like Singapore or Shanghai have digital twins, replicas that allow the design of better logistics or urban solutions. and also The European Union has already created a replica of a planet called Destination Earth Which allows to predict floods, droughts, heat waves and other natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis or explosions. Their goal: to create better emergency plans to save as many lives as possible.

drive for one freeway Real examples of the use of this technique are to calculate the deterioration of a work over the years before its construction, or to visit an extension work at a railway station. And everyone wants to implement it, because Digital twins allow proactive decision making on disruptive changes,

Mapfre has migrated more than 40 portals and 25,000 pages in a year.

application to industry

what is being exploited more for today technology Digital Twin stands for Industrial Sector. However, here we run into development problems again: There are no programs that generate a virtual representation of a company’s manufacturing process,

“It is easier to represent things such as a piece of clothing or furniture, as in” Ikea With your app to place furniture at home through augmented reality or clothing stores to provide a virtual experience on the go to the fitting room. It is easy because we are talking about a specific product and there will be modelers who will dedicate to it exclusively, But building a model of a factory industrial process is very complex and we don’t have time to build such complex digital twins”, explains Jimenez.

With two of these roads, the 'Intelligent Highway' project has started in Spain.

Still, the engineer clarifies that creating a digital twin of an apparel or piece of furniture is a certain complication, because You have to take into account the light, the shadow, the movement… Factors that are not carefully considered, the result can be a virtual representation without details and, therefore, somewhat difficult.

according to some experts roboticthese twins they could be with us in ten years, Currently, the most advanced use of this technology is in medicine, where precise virtual replicas of the human heart already exist. Experts predict the day will come when we will all have a digital twin for medical reasons: A replica in which preventive medicine is applied and personalized to maximize healing.

The health sector still has a long way to go in the digital transformation.

Now the goal is to be able to move all this to the industrial sector, A report by Capgemini Research Institute shows that 34% of companies already use these representation solutions to achieve their goals. And according to IDC, 70% of manufacturers will use this technology to conduct process simulations and scenario evaluations in the near future. A trend confirmed by MarketsandMarkets, which believes the use of digital twins will increase to $35.8 billion in 2025.

Digital twins are helping companies simulate processes and operationsGenerating optimization of cost, time and resource usage. For example, says Jimenez, if a store decided to create its own virtual replica, it could make changes to the distribution of clothing or to the organization of the establishment to test whether these modifications resulted in increased sales. is because customers see the products better..

AGVs integrate software that shows their position, status and load in real time.

“European will contribute to the digitization of industrial fabric, according to estimates” The European Unionin large quantity 90,000 million euros in savings, In Spain, we have only 5% of the highly digitized industrial fabric, which gives us a dimension of work that we need to be able to take advantage of as part of these millions”, said Elena Madeira, Director of Industry at T-Systems Commented Iberia, a company that has developed TwinX, a solution that goes beyond the digital twinEstablishing the link between the real world and the digital world that exists in a factory with a high level of industrial automation.

And he insists: “Digital twins create solutions An exact replica of the factory in a digital version, and provides a test base for studyWhat are the consequences and consequences of the implementation of new solutions and changes in the production chain, before making any changes”.

The problem is that at this time, “There are no powerful standard technologies to represent digital twins with quality”, sheds light on Hiberus Engineer. Thus, the solutions are ad hoc, built individually for each project, so their price skyrockets.

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