A young writer tweeted her bitterness over editorial failure…and this happened

Young author Chelsea Banning tweeted her frustration at a book launch that no one attended (ah, really, just two people).

The effect of his post on Twitter went viral when, surprisingly, The great literary figures replied: “You are not alone, welcome to the club.”

To promote a book is to present it: it is impossible to avoid it. The life cycle of books is getting shorter, and to keep them alive, there is a need for “word of mouth”, a wider and direct contact with the community of readers.

Every day there is a presentation after 6 pm in hundreds of cities; The countless number of steps of what has become a difficult test for many writers.

The case the world media is presenting this Wednesday, December 7, is that of Chelsea Banning, a young American author who expected a good turnout at her first official book signing at an Ohio bookstore last Saturday, but He only received two people.

Banning told the bookstore owner Get ready to rush. But when the doors opened for the event, only two people came in.

Banning is the author of the fantasy novel “Of Crowns and Legends”, the first book in a trilogy that follows the sons of King Arthur during a time of war.

Banning Librarian by Profession He worked on the story for more than 15 years, and in August 2022, it was finally published.

digital marketing problem

But getting your novel on the shelves is only half the battle. During the past months, he works with people from marketing digital To promote your book on social media, with a little luck.

He said that after the presentation failed on Saturday, Banning tweeted what happened with the intention of deleting the tweet within a few hours.

Banning wrote, “My writer only had 2 people turn up to sign yesterday, I’m upset by this. Especially since 37 people responded ‘Go’ to the event. A little upset, honestly, and a little embarrassed.”

Reactions from the author and celebrities on Twitter

However, within a few hours, when the author was about to delete the tweet, she was shocked when a large number of authors, including some of the world’s best-known novelists, responded with their own experiences of low participation at book signings.

Among those who responded were some of Banning’s favorite writers, including Neil Gaiman, Robin Hobb, and Jody Picoult.

“Terry Pratchett and I did a signing for Good Omens in Manhattan that nobody came to. So you’re two above us,” said Neil Gaiman (@neilhimself,

“I’ve been sitting alone at the signing table so many times only to have someone come up to me and ask me where the bathroom is,” Jodi Picoult (@jodipicoult,

“You can’t break my record: One person appeared once at a signing. We had a nice chat and went for coffee,” Robin Hobb (@robinhobb,

Other noted novelists who responded to the author’s tweet included Min Jin Lee, Margaret Atwood, Stephen King and Cheryl Strayed.

“I had a book signing where only my husband’s cousins ​​appeared. a person. I’ll never forget that one,” said Min Jin Lee (@minjinlee11,

“Join the union. I put up a sign that no one came by except for the guy who wanted to buy some duct tape and thought I was the salesman,” Margaret Atwood (@MargaretAtwood) told her.

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