Aaron Carter’s ex-partner and mother of his only child, reacts to his tragic death

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a few hours after the death of Aaron Carter, at the age of 34Melanie Martin, who had been his official partner in recent months and the mother of his only child, He spoke on social networks for the tragedy.

“We are still in the process of accepting this unfortunate reality,” he said in a statement. “Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated”He added.

Also, on his Tiktok account, he posted a video in which he is seen crying while driving his car. The girl is deeply hurt by the news of the accident.

Hours later, site Page Six shared a series of photos in which Melanie Martin is seen crying outside the home where the singer’s lifeless body was found.

How was Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin’s relationship?

in 2020, Melanie and Aaron Carter made their relationship public And a few months later they announced that they were expecting their first child together. However, the pregnancy was not completed and they lost the baby.

However, a year later, the couple became pregnant for the second time and They welcomed their child, Prince in November 2021, However, their relationship ended only a week after they became parents.

After entering a rehabilitation program this year because of his addiction problems, Aaron Carter lost custody of his son.

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