Aaron Judge breaks American League home record with 62nd homer of the season

New York Yankees star Aaron Judge hit his 62nd home run of the season on Tuesday, breaking the single-season American League record of 61, set 61 years earlier in 1961 by Roger Maris, also of the Yankees.

The judge’s record-breaking homer came in the first inning against Jesus Tinoco of the Texas Rangers. A lead-off shot in deep left field gave the Yankees an early 1-0 lead.

The normally reserved All-Star recently began showing signs of dismay as he failed to break a record for as many games, going 1-5 in the first game of Tuesday’s doubleheader. After being on record-breaking pace in the first year, Judge stopped at 60, and then at 61. ,

judge hit his 61st homer Last Wednesday night to tie the season’s record, after being stuck in 60 home runs for more than a week. In the 7th inning, facing Toronto Blue Jays reliever Tim Myza, Judge initiated a bullet line drive over the left field fence of Rogers Center. The ball bounced off the front wall of the spectator’s seats and landed in the Blue Jays’ bullpen, where it was retrieved by Jays bullpen coach Matt Bushman. The two-run blast gave the Yankees a 5–3 lead and moved the judge past Babe Ruth, who scored 60 home runs for the Yankees in 1927.

New York Yankees vs Toronto Blue Jesse
Aaron Judge #99 of the New York Yankees scored his 61st home run of the season in the seventh inning against the Toronto Blue Jays on September 28, 2022 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, tying Roger Maris for the American League record.

Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

The judge’s parents were present to witness the record-breaking home run. The Maris family didn’t go to Texas to see the milestone.

Judge’s mother and one of Maris’ sons, Roger Maris Jr., traveled to Canada last week to watch the record-tying home run. Judge’s mother, father and wife and Maris’ son and daughter had participated in every game of the previous series against the Boston Red Sox in the Bronx, but Judge failed to hit a home run during a four-game sweep, which was rained out. The reason was shortened. In the sixth inning of Sunday night’s game – denying Slugger at least one extra plate appearance.

The Maris family was also on hand to see Judge Ty Ruth’s trail on September 20.

While Judge now sits at the top of the American League, he has the seventh-most home runs in a season in MLB history, ahead of three other National League players. It is followed by Sammy Sosa, who scored 63 in 1999 and then 64 in 2001, good for sixth and fifth place so far. Mark McGwire scored 65 in 1999, and in the 1998 season Sosa again dropped to third place with 66 home runs.

With only one more game left to play for the Yankees this season, after Tuesday, it is nearly impossible for the judge to challenge Mark McGwire’s epic 70 home runs set in 1998 and the all-time record set by Barry Bonds, Who killed 73 dingers. 2001.

Judges also vie for the American League Triple Crown when a player has scored the most home runs (RBI) at the end of the season, and the highest batting average in their respective leagues.

The sluggers have an unassailable lead in the home run category. Going into Tuesday night’s game, Judge also had the most RBIs, 130, and a batting average of .310, second only to Minnesota Twins utility man Luis Arrez in the American League, who started the day with a batting average of .315. did with. Boston Red Sox’s Xander Bogarts both trailed at .305.

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