Abortion rights supporters win midterm in at least 3 states

Washington — at least three . voters in states voted to protect abortion access Through measures on the ballot in Tuesday’s midterm elections, CBS News predicts, securing a victory for abortion rights advocates who acted quickly to preserve the right to terminate a pregnancy in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling. Reversing Roe v. Wade this year.

had abortion rights directly on the ballot In California, Michigan, Vermont, Kentucky and Montana, either through proposed amendments to state constitutions or, in Montana, legislative referendums. In California, Michigan and Vermont, voters decided to enshrine abortion rights in their respective state constitutions. Ballot measures in Kentucky and Montana sought to limit abortion access, but CBS News did not predict final results on those questions until Wednesday.

Concerns about access to abortion reached their peak in June after a conservative majority of the Supreme Court abolished the constitutional right to abortion, leaving the issue to elected officials in the states. To ensure abortion rights are protected, supporters are running a multi-pronged campaign that includes appeals to voters through state legislatures, state courts, and direct voting measures.

excited by defeat in kansas Other state lawmakers and activists are already laying the groundwork for ballot initiatives in more states in 2024, thanks to a proposed constitutional amendment that would remove abortion rights from the state’s constitution.

For voters in the five states seeking abortions this Election Day, here’s how each proposal fared:

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