According to Andres Garcia’s wife, an overdose would have

Andres Garcia was diagnosed with pneumonia and admitted to the hospital because he has low oxygen saturation (Screenshot: YouTube / Andres Garcia TV)

life of Andres Garcia would be at risk because of the diagnosed pneumonia and, moreover, to consume the alleged cocaine and Liquor.

The internist doctor who examined him must have diagnosed more than enough to the first actor, that’s why Margarita requested to do a toxicology test who had reportedly tested positive for cocaine.

“We decided to take her to the hospital and an internist was asked to see her, she told me: ‘Because of the picture of the overdose, the hardest hours are the first 72 hoursI recommend you stay in the hospital’ (…) I’m getting 20 that’s an overdose”

Andres is under observation due to low oxygen saturation, as he has already passed the first 72 hours since his overdose (Instagram/@andresgarciatvoficial)
Andres is under observation due to low oxygen saturation, as he has already passed the first 72 hours since his overdose (Instagram/@andresgarciatvoficial)

who would know garcía’s wife i would give him medicine As for the actor, however he did not reveal the identity of the said person in the television programme. Furthermore, he also stated that it is believed to be Andres himself who asked to bring the cocaine.

“I’m not going to mention it. Those guys know I know, but I’m not going to mention it. I know, Andres is an adult and If they carry it, it is because Andres requests it. (…) because one of those people had already been sentenced mega because he is due to cirrhosis”

Margarita also remarked that the actor’s first night in the hospital—last November 16—must have been a “terrible thing” For this reason, since they could not control it, they had to deactivate the elevator of the floor where Andres was and they restrained him in a chair.

Being alone, she called a friend of both of them for help, but this person must have reached an uncomfortable position, they pulled the actor out of the hospital and returned him to his home. It was at that moment that Portillo decided to walk away from the situation.

Portillo remarked that the day he met the hero pedro navaja Lying at home, she visited him as he tried to contact her several times to ask for help. She agreed to leave because the person who helped the actor with household chores also asked her for support, as Garcia would have been locked in a room that could not be accessed.

What worries Margarita Portillo currently about Andres’s health is the pneumonia he has “Between Life and Death”Because his oxygen saturation is not good.

“He’s fragile, he can’t do without his oxygen tank (…) That’s what worries me, and then he’s so stupid”.

On November 21, Margarita Portillo shared that Andrés García is hospitalized after last weekend. fever and a picture of anemia, In addition, he also had a passion in one leg, causing his hands and feet to swell.

the actor must have eaten fried chicken and wineAs his wife told the magazine TVY Novelasboth are things that the protagonist you or anyone should not be ingested Because they complicate cirrhosis, a disease he was diagnosed with last July.

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