Actor and musician Jorge Zamora, “Zamorita”, the face of Mexican cinema, dies

Cuban actor Jorge Zamora Montalvo, better known as “Zamorita”, passed away at the age of 94. He is best remembered for his work in Mexican cinema.

“Zamorita” was born in Havana, Cuba and became a star on Mexican television thanks to shows such as “Chispa de Chocolat” and “Los Polivos”; He performed with celebrities such as Germán Valdez “Tin Tan”.

In his aspect as a composer, the following stand out: “Ansenem Tu” (which made Tin Tan popular), “La Basura”, “Señor Juez” and “Bomboro quina quina” and “I Don’t Bother Me”, which Has sentimental value, as he made it for his mother.

The Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico (SACM) states that in addition to his activities as an actor and composer, he had to work as a communications worker and postman to survive, but acting and music were always his great passions. Passion was…

He co-wrote several songs: with Germán Valdez Tin Tan, “Go Go Afrocan”; With Arturo Castro, “Chisme Caliente”, which was recorded by Maestro Zamora himself for the television program “Chispas de Chocolat”, launched his career.

“Zamorita”, a very Mexican Cuban
Born on April 19, 1928 in a popular neighborhood of Havana Cuba, marginalization and poverty did not deter him, as he later did in his artistic career, from having fun and living passionately as he came to declare in life Were.

But like many other artists, he was influenced by Mexican culture, to the point of living in the country until he obtained his nationalization, also throughout his career in the country and the recognition he received.

The date that “Zamorita” arrived in Mexico is not known precisely, it is estimated that it was in the mid-1950s, as it was in those years that Cubans made their first appearances as supporting actors in various films. attendance was recorded. Belongs to the so-called Golden Age of Mexican Cinema.

The heyday of his career began in the 1970s and lasted until 1990 when he began appearing as a comedian in “Los Polivoces” in 1972 or different series by Manuel “El Loco” Valdés, brother of “Tin Tan”. Requested for. comedy on small screen

From 2000 “Zamorita” began to disappear from television due to his advanced age, although he made a few special appearances.

*With information from Jorge Emilio Sanchez/EL Universal.


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