Actor who died on the set of “Wedding Night” by Osvaldo Benavides

Last Friday the sad and unfortunate news became known that two actors from the movie “Wedding Night” had died. The film stars Osvaldo Benavides as the protagonist and director, and the actor was disappointed with what happened in front of the press and on social networks.

The actors who lost their lives during the filming of “Wedding Night” were identified as 47-year-old Luis Manuel Gutierrez and 46-year-old Marco Antonio Curiel Perez. Both acted as extras in the film benadives,

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How did the events happen?

During a day off from filming”wedding night“, on the beach of Majuahul, the men descended into the sea and both could not withstand the strong waves and died of various reasons. Curiel Perez died from a strong blow against a rock and at the moment, Gutierrez is missing, and his The body is being intensively sought by the Secretariat of the Navy-Navy of Mexico.

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Photo: Filming “Wedding Night”. Source: Instagram @osvaldobenadives

What did the making of “Wedding Night” say?

Production company Trazinde Films shared a statement condoling the death of both the actors. “Tragende Films and the producers of ‘Wedding Night’, with deepest pain, extend our deepest condolences to the families and friends of our partners who suffered an unfortunate tragedy off the coast of Oaxaca yesterday,” the statement read. Too, Osvaldo Benadides And the production confirmed that they are in constant contact with officials and relatives of the victims.

What is “wedding night” about?

Ludvik Paleta You osvaldo benadives He completed filming in Oaxaca for “Wedding Night”, a romantic comedy that marks Benavides’ directorial debut. “Itne saal ki dosti, collusion, pyar aur ab… Shaadi ki raat,” wrote Benavides, who did not wish to divulge more details about the film’s plot, but it is expected to be a romantic film.

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