Actress Beatriz Alvarez-Guerra dies in a car accident at the age of 28

death this thursday Beatriz Alvarez-Guerra, who lost his life Age 28 in a car accident. According to the first reports, the actress and her boyfriend were driving their car through ato Galicia Highwaynear the city of Cotobed, Spain, when they suddenly went off the road and They fell in the river.

unfortunate lost 4 october, when local media reported a car accident in which a car fell into the Almofrey River approximately 10 m at Kilometer 1 of PO-235 on the Loureiro bridge. The first investigation indicated that a 28-year-old girl had died; For his part, his 24-year-old partner managed to escape the impact.

Beatriz Alvarez-Guerra took part in the series “Enclados”. Photo: Exclusive

Moments later it was confirmed that the victim was the actress. Beatriz Alvarez-Guerrawho was on leave in the area. The Spanish entertainment industry and around the world was shocked by the news, as was A youthful promise of entertainment, Many of his colleagues mourned the loss and sent their condolences to their families.

whereas, officials are investigating the accident In which the 28-year-old actress who lost her life stood outside in theatre, cinema and did some work on television. civil guard arrested his partner who went to court and road safety and other po . commits crimes againstreckless murder,

Who was Beatriz Alvarez-Guerra?

Beatriz Alvarez-Guerra was formed in dramatic art and . degree was completed audiovisual script, She became known as a television actress in the series “anchorHowever, he also took part in several short films such as “10 Movies”, “El Tiempo”, “Los Innocents”, “You Left Before Time” or “Todo al Rojo”.

He condoled the death of the 28-year-old actress Photo: Exclusive

Likewise, he was recognized for his work in plays such as “El Legado”. and “Arabian Night”, where she was the protagonist and was highly acclaimed. Beatriz lvarez-Guerra had a promising career that was flourishing due to her involvement in various projects, for which many of her colleagues mourned her loss.

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