Actress Beatriz Alvarez-Guerra dies in accident; police arrest lover

Actress Beatriz Alvarez-Guerra died after suffering a spectacular car accident4 October.

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Spanish media reports that the 28-year-old young actress was linked to an accident on the Galician Highway at the height of Cotobed ​​in Spain.

Local police reports indicate that Beatriz Alvarez-Guerra’s car fell into the river It took several hours to get the car nearby.

Alvarez-Guerra was traveling with her boyfriend, A 24-year-old man who managed to survive the impact.

Immediately many famous Spaniards expressed grief over the death of the actress.

Police arrest boyfriend of Beatriz Alvarez-Guerra

After the fatal car accident, Beatriz Alvarez-Guerra’s boyfriend has been arrested and was presented under the charge of negligent murder.

It was the boyfriend of the actress who was driving the accident car, a crime that could have resulted in a jail term of up to six years.

Initial investigation revealed that the youth did not have a driving licence.

Who was Beatriz Alvarez-Guerra?

At the age of 28, Beatriz lvarez-Guerra was establishing herself in Spain as one of the most important players in the world of entertainment.

He studied dramatic arts and audio-visual scripts. His most important works were on television with series such as “Enclados”.

He also stood out for his participation in such films as “10 Pelis”, “El Tiempo”, “Los Innocentes” or “Todo el Rojo”.


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